An Exhibition Narrating A timeless story of craftsmanship

Haya Al Sunaidi

Self-taught, passionate and driven – Haya Al Sunaidi, the mind behind the Jewellery Salon is a true representative of women empowerment in the Kingdom. She commenced her journey in jewellery retail as a young woman in Lebanon and eventually came back to Saudi Arabia in her early 20s to break the mould which was constricting the nation’s jewellery industry.

“I like challenges and that is what gives me the drive to push forward and prove everyone wrong…”

From the strong influence of a few elite, tricky customs to the absence of a platform for jewellers, the sector was marked by a plethora of challenges that Haya Al Sunaidi identified and sought to overcome. Being an avid collector herself, she envisioned to launch an exhibition that could unite local and international jewellers on a single platform and serve an exclusive clientele. However, crossing hurdles in an industry dominated by men was not easy. A decade ago, the Kingdom was still walking down the road of development and attracting foreign exhibitors was difficult.

Yet the determination of Haya Al Sunaidi did not let her down. She continued to persevere and successfully launched the first edition of the Jewellery Salon in 2009 which attracted positive media attention. Since that glorious year, each outing of the exhibition kept on breaking barriers and pushing traditions. As a champion of women’s role in business, Ms. Al Sunaidi has emerged as a role model for hundreds and thousands of Saudi women that yearn to follow her journey and carve a name for themselves in a field that they admire from the bottom of their hearts.


Jewellery Salon

Jewellery Salon holds a vision for reinventing the landscape of KSA’s jewellery industry by uniting reputed international and local designers on a single platform. The event aims to showcase the luxurious and well-crafted ornaments to an exclusive clientele which represents high-profile personalities and royalty. As the most exclusive jewellery exhibition in the Middle East and North Africa, this one of a kind show exudes a timeless charm and an aura of magnificence which is unlike any other.

Powered by that revelation to transform the Jewellery scene in Saudi Arabia, Haya Al Sunaida launched The Jewellery Salon in 2009 to invite international designers to an industry that was dominated by a few elites. A decade later, her experience and relentless pursuit to transform the sector has earned the brand the title of ‘The Jewel of Riyadh’ which was bestowed by Sultan bin Saud Al Saud.

In alignment with Haya Al Sunaid’s dream of promoting the participation of Saudi women in business all around the kingdom, the latest editions of the exhibition contributed to the blueprint of Vision 2030 put down by his Royal Highness and Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman bin Abdelaziz al Saud by highlighting the talents of Saudi female designers. The convention also features seminars by HRD Antwerp to educate consumers about the authenticity of the diamonds they buy. The exhibition received an overwhelmingly positive feedback from exhibitors who appreciated the Arabian hospitality of the Locals and the unmatched potential that Saudi Arabia holds.


What's New This Year

The Saudi jewellery Salon is focusing on three main elements this year:

  1. Quality over Quantity
  2. Empowering Saudi Women
  3. Story Telling and Craftsmanship

It goes without saying that Quality will always be superior to quantity. Hence as of 2019 the Saudi jewellery Salon has decided to change its direction and fixate on the highest Quality of both visitors and exhibitors. We have studied the market and assessed the Saudi luxury consumers taste pallet and preferences for luxury jewelry, thus we have limited the number of exhibitors to 40 of the most exclusive fine jewelers from around the world. Moreover, this year We have focused our digital marketing strategy to only target high quality visitors with high purchasing power in addition to our large data base of High net worth Saudi Individuals and members of the Saudi royal family.

10 years 10 influential Saudi Women

In alignment with the crown prince MBS vision 2030 to empower women and Saudi youth, this exhibition CSR strategy is to focus on empowering Saudi women, thus to celebrate 10 years of jewellery Salon, we have invited 10 of the most influential Saudi women and provided them with a platform to share their stories of success. In addition to these 10 women we have invited the nation’s top Saudi female jewelers to participate in the exhibition.

Jewellery Salon’s heritage spans a decade in the making, this year we wanted to share our heritage with our exhibitors and visitors. Hence we have encouraged exhibitors to bring in their finest and most exclusive limited edition pieces that have extravagant stories spanning generations and share there with our visitors these elusive tales of fine craftsmanship.

The Organizer

When East Meets West

Jewellery Salon is Organized by Sunaidi Expo & Conferences is a specialized International Exhibition Division of Sunaidi Trading Est., which is a subsidiary company of Al Fadl Group of Companies in Saudi Arabia. Since its establishment in 1992, Sunaidi Expo & Conferences has organized trade exhibitions that cater to different industry sectors, including: furniture & design, jewellery & watches, food & beverage, health & beauty, sports & fitness, and engineering & energy. Having more than 20 years of experience in event organizing, Sunaidi Expo & Conferences has built long-term partnerships with government departments, trade associations, suppliers, and media companies that support in making our events a success. Sunaidi Expo & Conferences has likewise worked with local and international key industry leaders. Today, Sunaidi Expo & Conferences is the Kingdom's well-established and leading event organizer, which continues to deliver a high standard of quality and value for money for its clients.

Sunaidi Expo is also partnered up with the International Company Reed Exhibitions UK, a leading organizer of renowned global events. Amalgamating digital tools and data driven techniques, the company is behind the execution of 500 yearly events that are held in over 30 countries and attract more than 7 million visitors. The Reed-Sunaidi Expo partnership is based on a strategic effort to enhance the quality of local exhibitions by working together with trade associations, government representatives and professional entities to understand and meet the distinct needs of various industries. the venture combines the international expertise of Reed Exhibitions with the local resource of Sunaidi Expo to construct larger than life experiences, every time.